“The wearer can choose a specific weight with precision,
as different elements can be linked to increase or
decrease the effects of gravity.”

Gravity is present in our reality at all times. It shapes everything we know, every interaction we have within the universe. Space and time are dynamic parameters that can be stretched and deformed by the actions of gravity - from small scale disruptions in the gravitational field, to enormous planetary orbits. This universal information, together with images such as stretching the fabric of spacetime and constant falling, opens new perspectives to be applied into the dynamics of textile. Both seem to behave fascinatingly similar yet often lack apparent connections.
The gravitational accessories are a material exploration in relation to gravity. The choice of sand and rocks comes from the common association with the term ‘mass’. Solid rocks and seemingly fluid sand provide insights into the wide spectrum of the different states of matter. These pieces give the possibility of choosing a specific weight with precision, as the different elements can be linked to others to increase or decrease the weight and with it, the effects created by gravity. The content of each piece can vary in size, color and volume, offering a wide range of compositions.

‘Gravitate’ aims to question the current boundaries surrounding the dynamics of textile. The pieces open new layers of complexity and self expression, going past simple decorative accessories to change the nature of the clothing itself, inviting to explore new realities for garments.

“A hemline hovers, a neckline is elongated, and grains trickle one-by-one like sand through an hourglass.”

In collaboration with Studio Ruig. Photography HeeJoon Kwak, Felina Hernández, Assistance Dongwook Jang, Models Anky Coelen, Mayke Krekel, Michelle Se yoon kee.