Research book for the project Pocket home. This publication contains the research evolution about the topic of home, starting form wide notions about the most primitive concept, to detailed mechanisms to appreciate and generate home.

Starting from top left: 

1. The meaning of “home”.

Introduction page to the research topic.

2. Attachment to space.

Observation on Children’s behavior and their connections between the idea of home and physical location.

3. Ancestral home .

Definitions of primitiveness  related to the
concept of home. Study on human nature traits. 

4. Sense of belonging.

Visual representation of human geographical rooting. The wide spectrum of belonging to a place.

5. Protective layer.

Definition of one of the principal traits of home. Method to create boundaries by delimitation of space.

6. The value of things.

Archive of different objects collected by children. Study about the attachment to materiality, origin and imaginative play. Observations about different definitions of value.