“The entire shoe can be fully attached and detached, giving the possibility of adjusting the hold and strength, as well as the aesthetic style”

Inspired by the ISS attachment systems,  where everything needs to be perfectly fitted and secure, (R2SiO)x portraits these features speculating on futuristic footwear design. The interior of the International Space Station is the greatest example of versatility regarding functionality. Taking that fascination along, (R2SiO)x explores different  perspectives on footwear, such as experimental material application and new insight on attachment and comfort.

The name “(R2SiO)x” comes from one of the most common silicone compound formulas, as the sole is made out of vulcanized silicone, which provides a good amount of bounciness and flexibility; avoiding foams, which usually are too soft for a healthy walking pattern. Silicone also references the link between organic and inorganic components, which relates back to the Human - clothing symbiosis.

Photography: Paula Varela de Haro, Edition and 3D: Felina Hernández Del Barrio.